The Company Structure

In one location the company centralizes the product development, high tech laboratory testing, quality control, sales, administration functions, high-end manufacturing of corsetry, nightwear, lingerie, with a particular expertise in SILK.

The products are among the most sought-after items on the market, with a high quality guaranteed thanks to the meticulousness of an hourly paid workforce, an almost unique case in Asia.


100% Italian Style

The products are exclusively designed in Italy: the styling department of the headquarters, where the Italian designers work, coordinates the work of the external Italian Designers which are based in the beautiful cities of Venice, Milan and Roma.

The most upscale lines are almost exclusively made of European fabrics, which can be also used for other price ranges, if the client so desires.


The Technological Know-How

From embroidery to printing, from finishing to dyeing, to the end product, Aronne Faccio Group has invested in the latest generation machinery, bought and installed directly in Asia. Right from the start (since 2001), the company set out to use the most advanced technology available, such as the avant-garde embroidery laser and Acetone finishing.

The main goal is to anticipate and stimulate the demands of an ever-growing clientele with unique and outstanding products.

The same principle goes for the finished products: moulding is internally done by Italian machines, as is the automated cutting of nightwear articles. Then, a specialized workforce with an expert know-how takes over for cuts and sewing.


The Product Offer

Aronne Faccio Group’s philosophy guarantees a 360° operational and organizational support system for its clients, as well as an excellent advice service. From the design to the end- product, the research of new materials, shapes and production process is carried out with a particular attention to the styling and qualitative aspects.

The large range of products, exclusively created and sold by the company, make up a rich product offer that extends itself from embroidery to the finished product, with a new collection presented every three months. However, product development and personalized collections for clients, based on his requirements, remain at the heart of the company’s activities. On demand, an article can be manufactured based on an embroidery or any other material of the client’s choice, with all the advantages, beyond the economic aspects, of a total internal production.


European Materials

The fabrics used are bought in Europe or Asia – an unusual case for an Asian-based company – and Aronne Faccio Group can, unlike other local companies, easily import and re-export European products. In Asia, the group can rely on the solid partnerships built with leading firms, recognized throughout the world for their products and service quality.

The group also benefits from a deal with its key suppliers to get the latest novelties. The visiting clients in China also have a “paper pattern” expert at their disposition and seamstresses to manufacture prototypes during their stay in the country.


A Rising Company

The association of Italian design, the best materials and a technological and modern know-how provide a complete and integrated product offer in the industry. Aronne Faccio Group is a very solid and reliable company, continually looking to the future. A young company in spirit and history but with an experience proven through the years and a will to continue being one of the main players on the international market stage.

Moreover,  this company has the advantage of a singular management structure with Aronne Faccio himself able to cater swiftly and with flexibility to all the needs of individual clients.