The Story of an Italian Entrepreneur in China

Coming from a strong business experience in the Italian embroidery fashion sector, Aronne Faccio chose to establish himself in China back in the year 2001. His professional journey started in Eastern Asia, where he progressively gathered all existing units in one group, under his own name, as a token of quality, solidity and reliability, and invested himself fully in the business. The group built a strong identity under the Aronne Faccio patronage, which excludes all take over options from third parties.

The first “business unit”, was established in the Shanghai Region.

Aronne Faccio lives onsite with his family and supervises every step of the production process himself. The group acquired a reputation for strong international credibility thanks to the fact that Aronne Faccio Group is, as of today, one of the few Asian entities to be 100% owned and managed directly by Europeans. Since 2001, because of the delocalization movement of many major European brands, the company spread its activities to clothing manufacturing, corsetry, nightwear, loungewear and light outerwear, with a large array of products and services.

Aronne Faccio Group therefore presents a very complete product offer covering all of the industry from raw materials to the finished product.